Suzuki GS500F Review

I bought the Suzuki GS500F motorcycle in September 2005 as nearly new.  It was only a few months old and had 700 miles on the clock.  Since then I've done about 180 miles per week.  I've had it serviced every 4000 miles, kept it well-oiled and clean and garaged it every night.  In all that time, (3 years), it has been a reliable workhorse and a real pleasure to ride. 
The Suzuki GS 500 is 2-cylinder 4-stroke with an air-cooled 487cc engine.  It has a top speed of about 110mph and should give you 50-60mpg.  The brakes are a single 2-piston calliper disc front and rear.  Front and rear suspension, the latter offering a 7-way adjustment, make for a comfortable ride, though the seat takes some getting used to; it's not built for long distances.  The 2 into 1 exhaust is fairly quiet and looks pretty good after 22000 miles riding in all weathers. 
Initially I had a problem when it rained.  Water was shorting out the spark-plugs, but I fitted some HT rubber boots and the problem was solved.  I also found it was well worth upgrading the front pads, as they were wearing out rather quickly.  I also upgraded the chain and sprockets. 
The Suzuki GS500 is a powerful motorbike with an efficiently smooth gearbox.  It accelerates remarkably quickly and the brakes have never let me down.  Of course, as a 500cc twin, its cylinders are comparable to those on a 4-cylinder 1000cc motorbike.  As you would expect, it has plenty of torque when you need it.  The dual carburettors are Mikuni BSR 34(mm) and the engine is compact and lightweight, offering a lot of low-rev torque. 
The full faring, (thatís what the ďFĒ stands for in GS500F) with its vertically stacked lights, makes the look of the bike more aggressive and sporty.  On the side it has vents to allow air onto the engine.  It does give you some protection in bad weather, but you'd have to lie on the tank for it to keep the wind out of your face.  Personally, I find the upright riding position comfortable.  I've never really liked the idea of doing 100mph in a prone position.    
Apparently the Suzuki GS500F is a popular bike with riding schools, which commends it as a forgiving and durable machine.  I'd imagine you wouldn't learn with a full faring; I don't think it would survive too many drops.
I have found the Suzuki GS500F motorcycle to be a great commuter bike.  It is reliable, never having let me down, and it starts first time no matter what the weather.  It is fantastic value for money and gives good fuel economy.  It is an easy bike to ride and is fast and responsive. With Its good looks and handling it is also a great choice as a beginnerís first sports bike.  And itís fun.  What more do you expect from a motorbike in its class?

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