Norton Motorcycles Back in the UK

Stuart Garner, a businessman based in the UK and motorcycle enthusiast, is bringing Norton motorbikes back to the UK after 15 years of American ownership.  Following a $10 million deal in which he bought up all trademarks and development work, Stuart plans to begin manufacturing Norton motorcycles at a site at Donington Park with fellow enthusiast, Stuart Tiller.  Under the company name of Norton Racing Ltd. they plan to commence manufacturing, using premises at Castle Donington on October 30th 2008.

Stuart will build a large factory together with offices at the Leicestershire site and hopes to employ up to 100 people in the next 18 months.  Donington Park, home of the British Grand Prix, is an appropriate place for the new venture.  The circuit will be ideal to use as a test track and will provide a perfect shop window for the company.  Stuart admits to it being an exciting and challenging time.  He is proud of being able to bring Norton, one of the industry's most famous names, back to Britain and plans to once again make it a world renowned brand. 

Stuart Garner, who already owns a number of businesses, developed his interest in bikes when he was a partner at Spondon Engineering.  With joint owner Stuart Tiller, who has developed his own Norton prototype, they hope to re-establish Norton as a truly British concern.  2009 will see the beginnings of their dream to produce a few hundred bikes initially, increasing production as appropriate.  They will begin by introducing a new model, the Norton Commando 961 motorcycle.  They will also be involved in the quality and production of spare parts and motorcycle protective clothing.

Ron Haslam, a Norton rider from the 1990s, who has a race school at Donington Park, welcomes Norton's return home.  He believes that racing enthusiasts love to support British riders riding British bikes.  He recalls racing at Donington in a Grand Prix and the crowd had loved seeing his Norton motorcycle and roared their approval each time he came around.

Stuart believes that it's time for Norton to re-establish itself as a name that stands for something in the biking community.  He believes that Norton is still a strong brand and plans to once again make Norton motorcycles a product that is synonymous with quality.