Motorcycle Body Armour

We all know how much fun can be had from riding a motorcycle; the freedom of the open road, the wind in your hair, the flies in your teeth...etc, but we equally recognise how dangerous it can be. More than ever today, with almost everybody having a car, it is important that we think about protecting ourselves and investing in some motorcycle body armour.

The injury and death figures for motorcycles make for grim reading. Motorcyclists don't have a protective shell around them. Simply falling from a stationary motorbike can lead to serious injury. Just having a machine fall on you can put you in hospital. Consider such injuries in tandem with the speeds of today's bikes, and you have the potential to do yourself some real damage. Today's bikers need to think seriously about efficient motorcycle helmets, tough motorbike body armour and good motorcycle training.

Motorcycle protective clothing is designed to soak up the force of an impact. Today's motorcyclists have access to a huge range of protective gear, ranging from reinforced jackets, through elbow and knee shields to neck and back protectors. Protective shorts and shirts, which are worn underneath motorbike clothes, are also on the market. Such equipment is available to, and used by all sorts of riders. This type of clothing is generally referred to as 'Body Armour' and many professionals say that they would not go out on a bike without it.

Good motorcycle protective clothing carries a CE mark. This means it has been tested by an independent body and adheres to specific standards of safety. Basically, a 5Kg weight is dropped from a specified height, onto the protector and the force of impact absorbed is measured. To pass this test, 30% of the force needs to be soaked up by the protector. This test attempts to re-create the force with which a rider's elbow would hit the road when falling from a riding position. Efficient protective gear is designed to stop you breaking a limb.

If you want to protect your back and internal organs, consider a back protector. Serious injury is often sustained when a rider is hit by the bike itself, so this is something to think about. In 2003, a tougher standard of testing was introduced by the European Union which applies specifically to back protectors. It dictates that a back protector has to offer double the protection of a standard protector. There is also a higher standard of protection, (level 2), for those who want a little more for their money.

David Bailey, the motocross champion, has often alerted motorcyclists to the need for motorcycle protective clothing. He believes that a neck brace would make all the difference in an accident and should be given serious thought by all bikers.

Needless to say, all forms of protective clothing need to fit properly to be fully effective. They should also be easy to put on and take off and comfortable to wear. All bikers who value their safety should give serious consideration to their protection before mounting up.

Motorcycle body armour and motorcycle protective clothing are available on eBay; there are lots of great deals to be had and something for everyone.
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