Honda C90 Review - Join the Cub club

If you're planning to be mistaken for Marlon Brando, you won't buy a Honda.  If you want your friends to call you, 'The Wild One', you won't buy a Honda C90, but if you're looking for a cheap, reliable machine and you don't mind being called 'Mr. Sensible', then this is the bike for you.

Hailed as the Reliant Robin of the bike World, millions of people have taken to the step through Cub.  Starting as a 50cc machine and growing to 70 and 90cc, it has been referred to as the friendliest bike in the World.  Honda proclaimed, ''You meet the nicest people on a Honda,'' no, not because you have to keep asking for a lift, but because this little gem was something of a miracle. 

So, what was so great about a bike that was so cool, (when it was socially and historically 'hep' to use such terminology), that you had to wear dark glasses so your mates didn't recognise you?  Well, how does 200 miles per gallon sound to you?  How do you feel about £60 insurance and £15 road tax?  What would be your response to, say £100 for parts and MOT per year?  Impressed?  A whole lot of people were sufficiently impressed to buy one, and then another and then another, and now up to 60 million Cubs have been sold worldwide. 

It may have steered like a Post Office and accelerated slightly faster than one, but it did do a steady 45-50 mph.  Its enclosed chain gave good wear with little or no maintenance and the heel-toe gear change kept the wear and tear, shoe-wise, down to a minimum. 

Historically, where would Honda be today without the Cub?  Where do you suppose all the money for research and development came from, which led to all those RCs, CBRs and NSRs?  Would we have a Fireblade or a RC211V if not for the step-through?  These bikes deserve a page in the history of motorcycling, and, to their credit, many are still running today.

Soichiro Honda said to his designers, ''Don't give me anything that makes trouble''.  If the testimony of so many of its supporters is anything to go by, the Cub is no trouble.  Robust and reliable, a commuter and more recently, a tourer, the Cub may have more to do with today's motorbike industry than you think!  

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