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Why would anyone ride a motorbike when the alternative, the modern car, is essentially an extension of your living room, but with wheels? Real bikers know the answer and will, given any encouragement, reel off a hundred reasons why they choose two wheels instead of four.

There's a feeling to riding a motorcycle that is not easy to define. Some call it the 'Freedom of the road'. Some talk about being closer to your surroundings, rather than being 'cocooned' in an air-conditioned box. Some liken it to riding a horse. Make up your own mind, but rest assured, when the thrill of biking gets into your system, you'll know about it.

Then there's bikers themselves. There's an old-fashioned camaraderie between bikers which, especially in this day and age, is something that should be held onto and encouraged. You only have to pull over at the side of the road for a moment to have a passing biker pull up and offer help. Bikers don't leave each other at the side of the road. It's what they do.

You're as alone as you want to be on a bike. There's no radio, no kids, no voices in your ear, only the sound of the engine and the wind in your face. There's also something very pleasing about being slightly higher than the rest of the traffic, (ask any Land-Rover driver). It sets you apart and gives you a different viewpoint. It's as if you're not so much passing through your surroundings, as being part of them.

Of course there are many good financial reasons for buying a bike. I recently found myself in a situation where I could buy a second hand car or a brand new bike. It wasn't a hard decision. Motorbikes are cheaper than cars. Fuel consumption is better, so they are better for the environment. Road tax is cheaper and so is insurance. Bikes are also generally more mechanically accessible than today's cars with all their computer-controlled gadgetry. Because of this, most bikers are more than glad to have a go at maintenance themselves. In fact, it's part of the 'Biker' lifestyle. You're financially better off at every turn.

You cannot ignore the image when you're talking about motorbikes. Consider the associated icons, Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Peter Fonda, Barry Sheen and Henry Winkler. Bikers are always associated with rebellion, attitude and just a hint of danger. People think you're part of a gang. I was recently asked by a parking attendant to, “…ask the rest of your mates to park together over there”. Needless to say, bikers don't roam the countryside in gangs looking for trouble, they're just normal people, but on a motorcycle.

Some individuals reach a point in their life when it's time to do something radical. You can buy a Porsche, have an affair or buy a Harley. I'd go for the Harley every time. These, 'Born again Bikers', make up a substantial proportion of today's biking fraternity. They have a comparatively large disposable income and are, more often than not, attracted to the big-engine, more expensive touring bikes, which is good for the industry and therefore, good for bikers generally.

But what kind of motorbike will you buy? Well, it depends on what you want it for. Are you planning to race against other dirt bikes every weekend on some muddy hillside? Will it just be used for fun; a novel change from the car? Are you planning to follow in Ewan McGregor's tyre-tracks and go around the world, or are you just going to use it in the summer, simply for the hell of it? Racing, Dirt biking, Commuting, Cruising or Enduro Motocross, there's a bike out there for every kind of biking.

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